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Is Scanning Faster Always Better?

office scanner

Time is money but is scanning faster better?

One factor that separates good scanners from great scanners is speed. The question companies need to answer is, “how much speed do we need?”

It’s common to think that more speed is better, and while a faster scanner will offer a boost in productivity, the law of diminishing return certainly applies to scanners. The faster you scan, the more you’ll have to spend, so you need to find the equilibrium between price and speed.

A scanner that can handle tens of thousands of pages a day can be a valuable asset for a paper-heavy company. However, companies can often greatly benefit from assessing and optimizing their workflow process, and can consequently bypass the need for a blazing fast scanner. The document prep stage of the workflow is almost always riddled with unnecessary slowdowns and delays, that can increase efficiency once resolved. By streamlining document prep, companies can often save more time than a fast scanner can.

Before investing in a super-fast scanner, take some time to see if the time and money can be saved by optimizing your workflow process.

Other options that will help speed up your scanning include:

Multi-feed Detection
Multi-feed detection alerts employees when more than one page is fed through the scanner at once, which can prevent paper jams that bring the operation to a full stop, as well as removing the need to scan the same pages twice.

One-touch Buttons
If the bulk of the scanning is being done by employees who aren’t familiar with this kind of office equipment, opting for easy-to-use scanners can really speed up the process. One-touch buttons allow users to easily finish their scanning with minimal effort. This improved usability will almost always result in increased productivity.

While the speed at which your scanner operates is certainly important, faster is not always better. There are a number of ways to speed up your scanning process.

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