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Document Management vs Off-site Storage

Companies big and small get buried in paper documents that need to be filed and stored somewhere. To tame the paper mountains, companies often resort to off-site storage as a way to keep the mess outside of the office. Despite popular opinion, off-site storage isn’t the only, or best, way to stay organized. Off-site storage can certainly keep the mess out of sight and out of mind, but the numbers just don’t add up when compared to document management. When it comes to year over year costs, document management will almost always be cheaper than off-site storage, and it can give your company a significant productivity boost. Reduce Your Costs- Opting for off-site storage will incur costs for rent, document pick-up, retrieval, and rush services. Not to mention that your need for more space will only grow the longer you use off-site storage, which means your cost will continue to increase as time goes on. With document management, however, you get a lower cost of use, and more cost control. Easy Access- Pulling a file out of off-site storage requires you to make a request and then wait for the facility to process and complete your request. Finding an archived file with document management can be done instantly with just a few clicks. Fast Searches- If a document ever gets lost or misfiled in off-site storage, it can take hours or even days to track it down again. In a worst-case scenario, these documents might not ever be found, and you’ll have to do your best to recreate them. This problem does not happen with document management because you can easily search for documents by keyword, date, file type, and other meta data. Even if a file gets stored in the wrong folder, you can find it in a few minutes.

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