Photo of John McMinn

John McMinn Office Technology Expert

Meet John —  an Office Technology Expert for JD Young Technologies. John helps companies find solutions to their problems with hardware and software technologies. John came to enjoy working with technology while studying to become an ordained pastor. His unique perspective into the operation of churches and similar operations has made him a trusted technology consultant to organizations large and small. His unique perspective even earned John a role as a Ricoh faith-based specialist. Whether John is assisting churches or businesses, his strength lies in helping organizations with their weaknesses with the appropriate business technologies, saving time, effort, and money. When he’s not consulting organizations on the best way to leverage the latest business technologies, John is a part-time pastor.

“There's all kinds of technology that's coming out now, and it's my job to be on top of that. And then to provide it to the customer so that it's their tool that they can use and meet their needs. When that happens, there's a synergy created between us and the customer. We both get excited. And it's just validating to me that I've served the customer.”