Photo of Greg Coscia

Greg Coscia MPS Account Consultant

Meet Greg —  an MPS Account Consultant with JD Young Technologies. Greg has over 25 years of experience in the business solutions industry. Many of his years in the industry have been throughout the evolution of what is now the Ricoh printer and copier product line. Handling many larger accounts, many customers enjoy the consultative expertise that Greg brings to the table to ensure they end up with an imagining and solution or that ticks all of their boxes — saving them effort, time, and money. His dedication to problem-solving over product-pushing is what has made Greg a trusted consultant for customers of all sizes all over Oklahoma for decades.

“Taking a more consultative approach gives you a better report with your clientele because you’re not necessarily there to sell them. You’re there to fix a problem. And I like problem-solving. That, to me, is very fulfilling.”