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Take Control of Email Overload with Document Management

email management

The working American gets more than 80 email messages a day.

You have emails from work projects, colleagues, friends, and family. Then you also have emails from potential sales leads and mailing lists you’ve subscribed to. Don’t forget about the news alerts and industry updates.

Here’s the big question: How do you simplify your email management while paying attention to the emails that matter?

The answer is electronic content management – software that can automate and streamline the entire email process. You can reduce risk, regain time, and focus on the emails that matter when you use an electronic content management (ECM) solution that automates email capture, storage, and archiving.

Imagine being able to instantly store all your emails in the same place you store all your other business documents.
It’s easier than ever to find what you need when you need it. ECM also ensures your business meets regulatory compliance without hindering the flow of information between colleagues.

You can also automate certain actions you want incoming email messages to follow.
For example, if you’re expecting an email from a non-urgent mailing list, you can set a rule in your email client to filter out all such emails into a folder so you can read them later. This goes a long way toward clearing out and organizing your inbox.

Using an email and document management system will help automate workflow, increase efficiency, and reduce frustration with daily activities as you’re able to focus on the important tasks at hand more quickly.

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