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Managing Workflows with EMC

morning run to signify how a healthy ECM can manage workflows

Document management makes workflows simpler.

When you have a great morning before you head into the office, the rest of your day seems to go a little bit better. The tasks that make a morning more restorative and energizing require a plan. Every plan requires a source. Like this, the workflow for your business requires the tools and information it needs to easily get the job done. In this piece, we’re going to look at how Electronic Content Management (ECM) helps keep managed workflows on the rails.

Your morning routine is your ideal workflow.

A great start to the day makes for a better rest your day. After a good night’s sleep, you allow yourself to get up just a bit earlier than you have to. Maybe you enjoy a cup of coffee and that book you’ve been meaning to read. From there, you may get in a jog, a solid breakfast that sticks to your ribs, and a long, hot shower. This kind of morning routine helps you perform your best on the job and just seems to make life easier. However, if left completely unplanned, many morning routines would not materialize. You would likely get to bed late the night before and roll out of bed with just enough to get to work. Like lining up dominos in the right order, you create a series of activities that will take you through a great morning routine. In doing this, you’ve established a morning routine workflow to help start your day.

Make that workflow easier with an ECM.

In the world of forming good habits, there’s something called “decision fatigue.” The idea goes that the act of making a decision is, in itself, a weak point in the process of forming great habits. People trying to form good habits limit the decisions they have to make in order to remain on the path to success. If you’re trying to exercise first thing the morning, help yourself develop this habit by placing your workout clothes at the foot of your bed. If you want to eat a healthier breakfast instead of a sugary cereal, leave out fruit, oatmeal, and some eggs the night before. Making it easier to choose the right decisions helps to keep you on track. In a similar way, an electronic content management (ECM) system can keep all of the tools and information easily accessible and at the ready for an efficient workflow. When you can access your electronic content from absolutely anywhere in seconds, the speed of which you will be able to not only set up workflows but also have them carried out will increase dramatically. If your morning routine is your workflow and your running shoes by the bed are your ECM, crossing the finish line is that much easier.

“I love it when a plan comes together.” - Hannibal Smith, The A-Team

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