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It's Time You Re-Think Your Document Strategy

Businesswoman with a lightbulb over her head conceptual image of rethinking document strategy

Although it might be hard to find time in today’s fast-moving business world, occasionally taking a step back and reassessing your strategies is a necessity for success.
Something you’ll probably find when doing this is that some strategies need to be ingrained habits, instead of thoughtful approaches.

Managing and archiving documents is a great example of this distinct difference. By switching to electronic content management, your company can drastically lower costs. However, if this switch is just an idea in a memo, instead of a habit formed by every employee, the savings will never come to fruition. If you want to convert your documents to digital form, consider these questions.

What’s the real problem?
You can’t find the solution if you don’t know what the problem is. Before you make the switch, you’ll need to spend some time finding the root of your document management problems. Once you do this, we can help you create a custom document management solution that solves the problems you’re facing.

How much is it costing you?
After you’ve determined the problem, try to figure out how much it’s costing you. Here’s an example of how to do this – Let’s say you have 10 employees who make $50,000 a year plus benefits. You determine these employees are spending 20% of their time managing paper documents (which is about average). That means document management is costing you $100,000 a year. You could hire two full-time employees just to track down papers!

How do employees feel?
It might surprise you to learn that document management can have a big impact on employee morale. A whopping 83% of employees feel an inefficient document management system will decrease their productivity and success. One in three thinks these systems actually hold them back when it comes to career advancement. Most shocking of all, 69% of employees claim they would change jobs just to deal with less paperwork.

Having a paper document system is expensive and time-consuming, but worst of all, it can frustrate employees and bog them down with work that doesn’t add value. If you want to succeed in the digital era, it’s time to consider managing your documents electronically.

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