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Top 3 Reasons to Use Automated Forms Processing

process automation

What are a few reasons why you should consider using automated forms processing?

1. Decrease Data Errors
Manual data entry creates opportunities for errors. By automatically processing forms, errors are significantly decreased and the accuracy of your captured data is much higher.

​​2. Faster Data Entry
The speed of form processing is greatly improved when the process switched from manual to automated. Automated form capture solutions can process upward of 10,000 forms a day. This can allow your employees to spend time on other, more important tasks.

3. Improve Workflow and Customer Service
When your forms are at your fingertips as searchable electronic files, your workflow efficiency will increase, which will also allow you to respond to customer requests more efficiently.

Forms come in all shapes and sizes, from sales reports to surveys to budget forecasts and even employee applications. Regardless of the style or content of the form, they’re rarely designed well. Manually processing these forms into searchable electronic data is tedious and labor-intensive. One way to overcome this problem is to use automated form processing software. This business solution can slash the cost and time involved in manual data entry by capturing data and instantly converting it into electronic data. Not only does this save time and money, but it can also reduce the number of errors compared to manual entry.

Automating form processing uses a combination of different character recognition technologies to read and capture text and handwritten data.

These different technologies include:

  • Optical Character Recognition for machine printed text
  • Optical Mark Recognition for checkboxes
  • Intelligent Character Recognition for handwritten text
  • Bar Code Recognition for barcodes

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