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Planning Your Document Strategy

Group of professionals planning a document strategy

Failing to plan is a plan to fail.

If you want to spot opportunities for cost savings and productivity increases, you must first understand your company’s document output. The increase of output devices like printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners has greatly contributed to the sharp increase in document output volume.

Data from independent researchers have confirmed that most companies:

  • Don’t fully understand the document-related hardware they currently own
  • Have no accurate data of total print, copy, fax, and outsourced documents
  • Can’t articulate user practices and associated costs
  • Aren’t aware of the most appropriate technology to address their needs
  • Experience difficulty managing paper and electronic documents effectively
  • Do not have a formal document strategy

Planning an Assessment:

Your company needs to have a document strategy that can support your current document spending. In most cases, organizations aren’t even aware of all the options available to them prior to starting a professional assessment. The first step in this assessment requires you to ask yourself several key questions.

Ask Yourself:

  • How much are we spending on desktop, workgroup, production, and commercial printing services?
  • How does our total document spending compare to our competitors?
  • What factors contribute to these costs?
  • How much money could we save and how?
  • How much of an investment in time and money is needed to properly assess our document costs?
  • Does this require a detailed on-site audit?

A document output assessment focuses on the output phase of the document lifecycle - producing and printing documents - and measures everything that goes through it. Typically, companies find significant savings at the output stage of every document process when performing these assessments.

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