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The Value of Workflow Flexibility

workflow flexibility

If you don't bend, you'll break.

Change is unavoidable in business. As technology and strategies are continually evolving, your business must adapt to stay competitive. So, when choosing a document management workflow solution, it is essential to find a solution that is adaptable — it must be flexible enough to change as your business, its needs, and processes change. The optimal workflow solution is one that has the capability to keep pace with changing conditions and circumstances.

But what makes a document workflow solution adaptable? There are three key characteristics of a truly flexible solution.

  1. It won’t rock the boat.

It’s difficult to predict when changes will be necessary, so it’s vital that a workflow solution can be changed without disturbing existing processes and workflows mid-production. A flexible workflow solution is one that lets you to easily add new modules when a new requirement develops, while not negatively affecting processes and tasks that are already in progress.

  1. It is easily modified.

While your document workflow solution must be versatile, this versatility shouldn’t cost a fortune. Modifications should be fairly easy to make and finished in a short amount of time, to accommodate last-minute jobs or amendments. An adaptable workflow solution is one that allows you to respond by making changes quickly and easily.

  1. It welcomes add-ons.

As your company grows, your procedures and applications will grow as well, so a rigid document workflow solution won’t do you much good. What your business needs is a flexible solution that can handle the growth of your business, letting you add as necessary to account for your growth and expansion. An adaptable workflow solution is one that delivers scalability to guarantee it can be expanded as your company changes.

Opting for a document workflow solution that doesn’t give you the flexibility to support dynamically changing business processes can result in enormous headaches and expenses down the road. Taking the time now to find a workflow solution that accommodates change, is able to adapt, and meets your company’s ever-evolving needs will pay dividends in terms of growth and productivity in the future.

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